The day the world changed

So imagine 1977 if any of you are that old. Gas was only .62 cents. A dozen eggs was .82 cents and The New York City blackout, that was my fault 🙂 as that is the year I was born. I was a little dark haired egg head born in the great Northern State that everybody loves to hate. I am not sure I was happily welcomed into this world but, God knew that He wanted me, even before I did.

We grew up in Detroit, MI and when I say Detroit, we lived in every part of the city there was as well as some out lying parts of Detroit. Every summer we moved from one place to the next, one side of town to the other. Every year we would start a new school and make new friends, sometimes run into old friends but, it didn’t really affect me much as I knew that I was smart and I knew that I one day wanted to not be like my parents.

I don’t remember much about my younger days but, as I grew up I knew I was different than my sister and soon my brother. My Mom made sure I knew that I looked like my Dad, with that look of disgust and the disdain she said it with. My Mom and Dad were divorced and my Mom would always try to make sure that my Dad didn’t know where we were living. The only problem she didn’t think of is that we were on Welfare and she had to put her address. So in turn my Grandparents (on my Dad’s side) would always show up at the new house or the new school. One day what I actually do remember, we were living in a campground in a bus converted to sleeping space. The campground was really cool and we always had fun because, we were outside and played with the other kids. So one day we were playing by the main road and low and behold a car slowly pulls up and I know this car, it is so familiar but, I cannot put my finger on it. As it comes to a stop, the window rolls down and I see the sweetest face smiling back at me and look at the driver laughs that big belly laugh from deep down and has that familiar face, my Grandparents. I was so excited, I screeched loudly and they got out and I got the best hugs.

Each time my Grandparents would show up my Mom hated it. She would not want us to see or visit with them. My Mom would always complain and talk bad not only about my Grandparents but, My Dad. It was one of those things that as a child you want to be able to gain your Mom’s approval, love and having that relationship that you are close, a bond that is unbreakable, as well as still want that love from your father but, when parents are divorced and they are always at odds, we as children feel as if we have to choose one parent. Unfortunately no matter which parent I choose, it was never good enough. Life never seemed easy. Does it ever get better? Do these parents understand that when you divorce and talk badly about each other, it confuses the kids? None of us are perfect and sometimes Moms and Dads feel as if divorce is the only answer and that is ok, just don’t ever make your kids deal with adult issues. They will be the ones to suffer in the end and sometimes it takes years for them to come to terms with their parents divorce and feeling stuck. Sometimes they never come to understand and it mentally changes them.

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