As we continued to grow, our wants and needs changed. I dreamed of a life with no fighting, parents who showed us love, a big family who chose to be together and be there for one another all the time, not just when it was convenient or when someone was around. I also became more vocal and strong willed and that never helped my situation. I dreamt of running away. Where would I go? How would I survive on the streets? Would I be able to still go to school? How would I eat?

My sister and I began to speak up more about our grandparents and it wasn’t fair mom was trying to keep us away from them. One day our grandparents showed up at the house as they usually did, mom did not want us to be with them but we told her we wanted to go with them and she needed to let us. For whatever reason that day she did not fight it. When we were with them we felt loved, respected and this is where I felt my dreams would really take off. So the thought crossed my mind, “maybe I could live with my Grandparents”. Yeah that thought stopped right there because there was no way in HELL mom was going to allow that to happen.

When we got back from grandma and grandpa’s house, my world crumbled and my dreams were swept away with the hundreds of thousands of miles that were going to be between my grandparents and I. We were moving to Ohio of all places in the world, Ohio. A place I did not want to go, a place where I thought grandma and grandpa would never find us, I had to start a new school again, and leave the few friends I was allowed to actually play with. Granted the few friends we were allowed to be around were not the best. One of them happened to be male and we went to stay the night at their house. When I walked into their home there were buckets being placed around their house. When I enquired what the buckets were for, I soon found the buckets were filled with boiling water and little wooden ramps were put against them. EEEKKKKK, rats were all over their house and when they climb those ramps they fell into the boiling water and screamed. That scream I never will forget. No they weren’t mice, they were rats. Anyways, no more summers with our grandparents, no more weekends with them. And just like every other summer, we moved to Ohio. We were told we moved to be with my mom’s mom but I had my doubts. What is in Ohio? How would life be so far away from the people I loved so dearly? I said bye to my hopes, dreams and my grandparents. I know it seems a little dramatic but to a pre-teen Ohio felt like days away from Michigan. When in reality it was only four and a half hours away!

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